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Frequently Asked Questions



I am a teacher and would like the Science Education Center of California to make a presentation at my school? Where can I get more information?

The Science museum on Wheels portion of the web site provides a detailed summary of our educational outreach programs.

Where can I get more information on the educationally oriented summer trips?

The Field Trips and Vacations section of the website offers a detailed summary of every stage of the summer 2004 trip. Individuals and entire families are welcome to come along for the adventure.

Does the Science Education Center of California purchase items for its collections?

The Science Education Center of California does make outside purchases for both the museum collection and general inventory. Those interested in parting with their natural history specimens should look at the section titled “We also buy” for our guidelines on material acquisition.

Are there any current job openings?

We occasionally have an empty seat on one of our summer field trips. College students interested in a free 11-day trip can help grade papers, wrap and pack collected fossils, etc. Interested college students should be over 18 years of age, live close to the Science Education Center of California and have an interest in working with elementary and middle school students. There is also an occasional need for a person to help with inventory stocking and organization. Those who would like to help out should e-mail a resume to Dan Krawitz at

How much is shipping and handling?

The cost of shipping, handling and insurance can vary greatly as the weight of our inventory ranges from a few ounces to almost 1,000 pounds. Please call us to find out the cost of shipping and handling for any order. The prices listed on the web site are for purchases made at the Science Education Center of California.

When purchasing from the Science Education Center of California, what is the minimum order?

For those coming to our location in Orange, there is no minimum order. The minimum order for items delivered by our curator (generally very heavy items) or through the mail is $200.

Suppose I am working on a movie and want to use a museum item on a set?

Some museum items are available for loan to movie studios. Interested parties need to meet with the curator in person for material checkout procedures.

Where can I find out more information about Dan Krawitz, the curator and resident educator of the Science Education Center of California?

Mr. Krawitz is an interdisciplinary social and physical scientist who has spent the last 5 years in the educational field. Three of those 5 years have been at the middle school level, teaching 8th grade physical science. Research and publications include 4 patents, the laboratory manual titled “Laboratory Activities for the K-8 level, Earth and Life Sciences”, and mathematical models on flexible work schedules and the size distribution of income. Consulting work has been in the seismic field (strong motion, weak motion, hazard mitigation and earthquake engineering) and in curriculum development.

BA, 1986, University of California, Irvine
MBA, 1991, University of California, Riverside

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