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Science Education Center of California

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Portrait: Dan Krawitz
Dan Krawitz
Curator and resident educator
Philosophy and Mission Statement

The Science Education Center of California is an integrated natural history and educational facility dedicated to the study, preservation and dissemination of natural history specimens worldwide. Our educational focus is concentrated on the physical and life sciences and includes science presentations to regional schools and in house curriculum.

To support this mission, the Science Education Center of California has acquired a repository of fossils, minerals and gems and provides access to these natural history specimens through our science museum on wheels. From petrified trees and giant ammonites in the fossil world to large gold specimens and meteorites in the mineral world, the museum items are available for students to see and touch. In addition to a traveling museum collection, the Science Education Center has developed and tested a wide range of physical and life science activities and curriculum that targets the K-8 level.

The occasional sale or trade of natural history specimens provides the working capital to acquire new museum items for classroom use.

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